You only want highest quality media for cell cultivation? At PAN-Biotech, perfect raw materials combined with state-of-the-art technologies guarantee a first-class quality of our media.

Advantages of our cell culture media:

  • Raw materials used are tested according to the highest possible quality standards
  • Standard filling in sterile, high-class PET bottles
  • Batches of 10 litre up to 2000 litre
  • Custom service of product optimisation and further development for specific applications and purposes
  • CE-label according to medical product law available upon request possilbe

Other sizes and custom formulations: Almost all media available from PAN-Biotech can be filled in special containers as per customer requirement. Besides standard bottles in 100, 500, and 1000 ml, medium can be filled in cans (up to 10 L), bags (up to 500 L), or other containers with fittings according to customer specifications for special applications such as continous feed process or production purposes.

Delivery time:

Standard media: In principle within 4 working days 
Special media and custom products:  4 to 6 weeks after receipt of order. 

Shelf life:

Powder media                                  2 years
Liquid media without Glutamine         2 years
Liquid media with stable Glutamine    2 years
Liquid media with L-Glutamine           1 year

Liquid media with L-Glutamine can be used also after the expiry date, but have to be supplemented with new L-Glutamine in this case. Shelf life starts on date of production!


Powder media                                   2 – 8° C
Liquid media                                     2 – 8° C protected from light

Benefit from the experience and know-how of PAN-Biotech. Our state-of-the-art production facilities, with a production line specifically installed for these requirements, allow us to produce the formulations especially developed for your needs in constant high quality also for longer periods of time, and to make batch sizes adapted to your need. Our team of scientists will be pleased to advise you regarding your proprietary formulation.

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