Cytokines and growth factors:

Cytokines are becoming increasingly important in cell biology. Sugar-containing proteins have regulating functions for the growth and differentiation of body cells. Many cytokines also play an important role in immunological reactions, and they are then generally referred to as mediators.

Cytokines, which primarily trigger and/or regulate the proliferation and differentiation of target cells, are known as growth factors. These proteins that are transferred as signals from one cell to another, and therefore relay information, play a role mainly in the development of multi-cellular organisms. Growth factors are either secreted i.e. released by the cells into the environment or they are membrane-bound. They function when recognised by a receptor on the surface of the target cell. Only cells that carry the specific receptor for the respective growth factor (= ligand) can respond to the signal. 

As soon as the factor binds to its ligand, a change in conformation results in the generation of an intracellular signal. By further signal transfer, this will cause genes to be activated or inactivated. 


PAN-Biotech offers a high-quality range of cytokines, growth factors as well as chemokines, chemotactical cytokines (”chemoattractant cytokines“), which can be secreted by many cell types e.g. from phagocytes and dendritic cells but also from tissue cells. 

Chemokines can attract and activate leukocytes. They therefore play an important role as mediators in regulating targeted leukocyte migration and the inflammation processes triggered as a result.

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