(Extraction) & PCR Controls

When it comes to patient safety, there’s no room for error. We make it quick and easy for clinical laboratories to confirm the accuracy of their test procedures and meet regulatory requirements. The work you do is incredibly important and we’re here to help.

 AmpliRun Total

Extraction & PCR Controls · AmpliRun® Total
The AmpliRun® Total Controls are external run controls to monitor the accuracy and precision of the complete analytical process (extraction & amplification). These noninfectious lyophilized run controls, include the complete inactivated microorganism in a matrix that mimics human specimens.

Helix Elite Molecular Standards
Safe, simple and stable positive controls for molecular assays.


PCR Controls · AmpliRun® DNA/RNA
Certify the efficiency, quality and reliability of your molecular infectious disease testing. The AmpliRun® DNA/RNA Amplification Controls contain the purified complete genome of the infectious agent.

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