PMM Pharmaceutical culture media are of the highest quality, produced under strict pharmaceutical grade conditions, dedicated to environmental monitoring

Features included on all plates 

  • Lockable plates (Click Safe) 
  • Long shelf life
  • Room temperature storage (15-25°C)
  • Temperature controlled delivery 
  • Long incubation without cracking
  • Unique identification number assigned by each plate with label and barcode

Environmental Monitoring triple bagged, gamma irradiated plates CSG (Click Safe Gamma)

For use in critical environments like clean room class A and B, isolators and RABs

  • Neutraliser LTHT ( Tween, Histidine, Thiosulphate) or U+
  • H2O2 impermeable foil
Environmental Monitoring single bagged CS (Click Safe)

For use in less critical environments like clean room class C and D

  • Neutraliser LTH ( Tween, Histidine)
Selective Culture Media CS CLICK SAFE
  • Single bagged
  • EP/USP culture media


PMM Company brochure
PMM Product summary

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