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Catalog #: DWS.A05036

The Whitley VA1000 is an variable atmosphere workstation generally used for the isolation of microaerophiles from food, water and medical samples. An airlock can be incorporated to provide a quick method of transferring multiple samples or pieces of equipment in and out of the chamber.

• Accommodates up to 1400 Petri dishes.
• Uses up to four gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and a 10% hydrogen/90% oxygen mix.
• Portholes can be used as mini airlocks to transfer up to 80 x 90mm Petri dishes at the same time as an operator’s arms are inserted or withdrawn from the workstation.
• Supplied with an automated humidity control system with no user maintenance necessary.
• Allows bare hand working.
• Adjustable intensity lighting.
A range of options and accessories are available to tailor the modular and upgradeable VA1000 Workstation to your specific requirements.
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