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Catalog #: DWS.A06210

The Whitley H20 is a compact Hypoxystation ideal for small scale cell culture work. This workstation has a small footprint but provides a generous working area and a range of options to provide you with the ideal workstation for your application.


A unique feature of the H20 is the user portholes, which act as two mini-airlocks so you can transfer samples at the same time as entering/exiting the workstation.

· The whole top can be lifted off for thorough cleaning and the transfer of bulk samples and equipment.
· Built-in, fully automatic humidity control system that requires no user maintenance.
· Available with automatic sleeve gassing system operated by foot-switch so you can ensure the correct conditions and use gas supplies efficiently.
· Built-in, single sample entry system to allow you to introduce 50ml tissue culture flasks and 90mm Petri dishes quickly and conveniently.
· Always keep your pens, notebooks, loops, etc handy with two undershelf storage trays.
· Optional JuLI fluorescent cell analyser to study the cellular function of cells.
The H20 has been designed for use in small cancer research facilities and universities.